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Multigenerational space


mission new construction – construction phase
client Commune of Olemps
project manager Pierre Enjalbal (agent to client), CoCo architecture, CETEC, Brehault inegenierie, Sigma Acoustique, J. Russery
date 2012-2014
footprint 1000m²
price 1,8M€ excl. taxes
location Olemps (12)

This ambitious project was launched by the community of Olemps as an activity centre devoted to intergenerational exchanges within a quality environment. It could equally accommodate performances (theatre, cinema, concerts, dance etc.) as well as banquets, bingo nights, marriages, village parties, market days etc.

The design must take into account the large amount of flexibility required for appropriate, adaptable and evolving spaces within a reduced budget. The site sits amongst a sparse yet jumbled array of buildings, a neighbourhood typical of the 1970s. The community desires a strong and visible piece of architecture to stand out in amongst the disorder. We have proposed a monolithic building, set back relative to the main street of the town to give it a sense of importance.

Rather than treat a complex volume, the building is a simple cube with rounded corners, entirely encased in a golden metal mesh. The gates that protect the openings on each facade act as lightweight awnings when in an open position, sheltering its visitors as they enter the building. These awnings are also used for semi-protected activity spaces, side stages for outdoor concerts, and activity areas for the future library’s youth and senior spaces. The individuality of this project resides in the various possible exterior uses. Particular care is given to the interior layout of the main activity space, with respect to its acoustic and aesthetic qualities, reinforcing this intergenerational theme.

Credits photos : Edouard Decam