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CoCo architecture is a network agency based in the Dordogne, Drôme and Aveyron. In 2020, CoCo architecture grew beyond the French territory and established another agency based in Vienna, Austria. Led by 5 business partners, the team of about twenty architects and urban planners focuses on contextual, thoughtful and highly energy-efficient architecture. The agency aims to be an agent of social change that places the quality of the living environment at the center of human interest. Sustainable development is the basis of our work and of all the members of the team.

The three agencies, located in the French countryside, as well as the agency recently set up in a European capital, pool their know-how and creativity to carry out projects on a large territory, in France, overseas and abroad. The sharing of our resources, skills and desires allows us to reflect on a wide range of subjects. Thus, each of us brings specific knowledge to the network, among others on: Sustainability, BIM management, the analysis of the life cycle of materials, needs-based design and construction in tropical areas, urban design, fire safety and accessibility for people with disabilities.

In order to meet these challenges, CoCo architecture imposes a high level of architectural requirements. Thus, each project is the object of particular care, even in the treatment of details and regardless of its size. Our expertise in the use of space provides a strong programmatic and spatial proposal. As advocates of the “Think global, Act local!” approach, we emphasize the reinterpretation of local cultural identities through our expertise in the use of materials, typologies and atmospheres. These different sources of inspiration allow us to animate spaces in accordance with the specific planning area, the local economy and the daily life of residents and users.

Today the agency has multiple experience in a wide variety of fields: Hospital construction and healthcare, construction of educational institutions such as schools and universities, housing, construction of sports facilities, cultural facilities and museums. CoCo architecture also offers its services in urban planning, consultation and implementation of spatial strategies. This diversity of experience allows the agency to enrich each project by proposing unique spatial experiences, taking into account the diversity of cultures and user groups.