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24 homes


mission new construction – design + construction phases
client Dordogne Habitat
project manager CoCo architecture (agent to client), Axeplan, Galinat, Odetec
date 2013-2017
footprint 1500m²
price 1,65 M€ excl. taxes
location Trelissac (24)

Marked by a pine forest, the site runs along the skyline above Trelissac. The project has been designed as a series of houses as sculptures, sitting in a park of trees.The programme is divided into two distinct constructions. A shared outdoor area, situated between the two blocks, provides a space of exchange and interaction.

These metal structures rest on an English-Perigourdian lawn encircled by pine trees. They are compact, three-storey volumes, which respect the scale of the surrounding built fabric and limit foundation costs. The roof has been treated as a fifth façade, with the cladding of the building enveloping the entire structure. An aluminium covering is used for its durability and ease of maintenance. A series of colourful shutters along the facades generate a sense of rhythm.

24 one- and two-bedroom apartments run the width of the blocks. Each apartment benefits from maximum natural light and a terrace or private garden orientated to the south. The interior layout is flexible: by opening or shutting a sliding door, the bedroom can become the lounge, living space or office. The apartments remain adaptable to their users, depending on their situation of live and individual needs.

Photos credits : Edouard Decam