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Led by 5 business partners, the team of about twenty architects and urban planners focuses on contextual, thoughtful and highly energy-efficient architecture. The agency aims to be an agent of social change that places the quality of the living environment at the center of human interest. Sustainable development is the basis of our work and of all the members of the team.
Thus, each of us brings specific knowledge to the network, among others on: Sustainability, BIM management, the analysis of the life cycle of materials, needs-based design and construction in tropical areas, urban design, fire safety and accessibility for people with disabilities.


Architect DPLG and Urban Planner
Co-managing partner, Aveyron agency
> Referent for urban development and economy



Architect DETSV and urbanist
Co-managing partner, Dordogne agency

> Referent for housing and occupied sites



Architect DPLG and Town Planner
Co-managing partner, Dordogne agency

> HQE and tropical environments



Jean-Baptiste BARBET
Architect DE - HMONP
Co-managing partner, Drôme agency

> OPC and BIM management referent



Emmanuelle PICHON
Architect DE - HMONP
Co-managing partner, Drôme agency

> Fire safety and E+C- Architectes approach