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Village of Saubagnacq nursing home


mission redevelopment/extension– competition
client Dax district hospital
project manager CoCo architecture (agent to client), OTCE
date 2013
footprint 930m²
price 1.9M€ excl. tax
location Dax (40)

Integrated in an existing geriatric hospital, this project is an extension of the nursing home of Saubagnacq, situated in the commune of Dax.

This extension is driven by a need to conserve the existing access, and the desire to simplify the maximum circulation spaces for staff and residents, notably by minimizing the installation of heavy equipment, such as lifts. This led to the extension resting lightly on the site at the same level as the existing building. Particular attention has been placed on the orientation of the facades in order to avoid any vis-à-vis between new and existing bedrooms. Moreover, through its compactness, the new building allows for maximum green spaces, offering pleasing views from the rooms onto the new gardens. The form also limits the distance amount of movement staff are required to do to get around the building. The communal facilities and adapted care centre are placed between the existing building and the extension. This configuration allows them to be accessible from outside. An external patio links the new and old building together, offering a circular loop for wandering residents.

Careful consideration has been given to the aesthetics of the roof. It will have a strong visual presence from the top of the site and from neighbouring houses; therefore, it is as important as any of the other facades. We chose a green roof made ​​of inclined faces, helping to hide any technical equipment.