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University institute of technology IUT


mission new construction – competition
client higher education union, Sem12
project manager CoCo architecture, S. Baldou, IB2M, 2AF, Bouloc
date 2009
footprint 1247m²
price 1,8M€ excl. taxes
location Rodez (12)

This competition responds to a request for new spaces of study in Rodez’s IUT (university institute of technology) building and for a coherence within the establishment, currently marked by various distinct extensions.

The programme introduces new classrooms, a welcome area, offices for staff and researchers, service rooms and an infirmary. It is through unifying these unrelated components of the programme that a legibility and functionality to this building is found. Importance has also been placed on a clearly defined entrance and a strong, visible presence at street level.

The new building is a genuine ‘hub’, which brings together all the missing elements of the current institution. Established in continuation with the last extension of the IUT, the façade is organised in layers, hosting the three main parts of the proposed programme. The three layers of functions are clearly identified by three completely different treatments of the envelope, to enable a functionalist reading of the internal organisation.

Situated on the first floor, the administration level is completely covered in a wooden lattice. This volume stands out as a landmark for the building.

the ground floor reception opens out to an external forecourt, the main street and the scene beyond – the city of Rodez, which lies at the foot of the hill – through a fully glazed curtain wall. This generous transparency marks the entrance of IUT.

At basement level, the classrooms are organised in a volume of concrete to create a solid base. This level is connected to the basement level of the last extension.

The vertical circulation is positioned within an atrium that brings in natural overhead light and allows views between the floors. These corridors serve all levels, up to the forecourt, connecting students who arrive by car to IUT.