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Town square


mission urban project management – competition
client The village of Rochefoucauld
project manager CoCo Architecture, D. Dodeman architecte, P. Blondiaux, SNC Lavalin
date 2011
footprint 16000m²
price 1,3M€ excl. tax
location La Rochefoucauld (16)

The redevelopment of the town square and convent gardens in La Rochefoucauld are part ofan overall project for the renewal of public spaces throughout the old city centre. The site is situated alongside the castle of La Rochefoucauld and in close proximity to the convent, which has been recently reconverted into a cultural and artistic centre with a new tourist centre. Its position is close to the centre of town and easily accessible by a network of alleyways and recently opened up, dead-end lanes. The approach to the project has been minimalist, with an emphasis on the surrounding views.

The town square is a place of contemplation with an ability to accommodate various everyday uses. We sought a simple, open square, offering an unimpeded view over its surroundings. The dimensions and treatment of the site suit temporary events. At the back of the hospital, the ancient stadium is treated as a garden, with parking necessary for life in the village, connecting to the reopened lanes.