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Technical centre parking silo


mission new construction –winning project (cancelled)
client Council for the Lacq communes
project manager CoCo architecture, MORe, INTECH, Atelier Gastel, Ouest Coordination
date 2011
footprint 4160m²
price 2,4M€ excl. tax
location Mourenx (64)

This project is a redevelopment and extension of an existing technical centre as well as the creation of a 120 place car parking silo, necessary for the consolidation of this facility, currently spread over several communes. The administrative centre, on the same site, must also be enlarged. The parking silo will become an interface between the two existing buildings is treated as two entities. For the redevelopment/extension of the technical centre, the strategy is to stay within the logic of the current building and to renew its existing qualities, while the silo follows its own architectural language.

The placement on site and its design are driven by functional constraints. The focus has been on security and circulation, avoiding the crossing of pedestrian, vehicle and truck paths. The silo has been carefully considered, placed on the main road leading into town. It should be neither too ostentatious nor iconic. As a private parking building, it needs to integrate easily into the urban fabric. Following this logic, the importance is on the internal qualities of the space. A high level of transparency exists between inside and outside, helping to link it to the technical and administrative buildings as well as the neighbouring road. Far from having a strong physical presence from the outside, the silo has an impact on passersby through its simplicity of volume and its subtle, transparent nature. The horizontal lines which make up the silo’s facades play with one’s perception of scale, and allow the diffusion of light into the heart of the building. The under faces of each level’s floor slabs are specially treated and visible from the road.