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Tampon hospital


mission reconstruction/extension – competition
client Tampon district hospital
project manager Dupuy, CoCo architecture, Jean de Giacinto, & CO
date 2012
footprint 2500m²
price 8,4M€ excl. Tax
location Le Tampon (974)

The project is an extension and large reconstruction of part of the existing Tampon hospital, located in the fourth biggest town on Reunion Island. The programme consists of a twelve bed cognitive-behavioural unit and a sixteen bed increase in the accommodation unit, placed in the garden, as well as an eight bed head trauma unit and an eight bed persistent vegetative state unit occupying the existing building. The project also required a restructuring of the common areas for the staff, access in and around the building and the use of the garden. The steep site generated a design which follows the existing terraces. The project becomes anextension to the lower basement level.The green roof of the new building provides a garden for the upper basement level, without interrupting the views out.

The extension follows a series of loops which give it the form of a W. This shape provides all the bedrooms with views of the garden, avoids window alignment with neighbouring bedrooms and organises the units around calm and shady patios. The circulation spaces are large and naturally lit, offering looping paths for wandering patients. The communal facilities are placed so as to limit movement required by staff.

The W form of the building increases the various views of the countryside, woods, mountains and sea. From the wide, open views outside to the intimate patios, specific to each unit, patients and staff profit from various degrees of privacy within bright, generous and non-conventional spaces.

In opposition to the rigidity of the building of the existing hospital, and usual hospital typologies, the extension proposes an architecture situated and orientated around the parameters of the site. Meanwhile, the existing building is clad in a shade structure made from bamboo which creates an external circulation for patients, protected from the sun.