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School group


mission new construction – competition
client City of Montpon Menesterol
project manager CoCo architecture (agent to client), Jean de Giacinto architecte, OTCE, Beige&Puychaffray, P.Blondiaux, Sigma Acoustique
date 2012
footprint 1920m²
price 3,1M€ excl. taxes
location Montpon Menesterol (24)

The city of Montpon Menesterol launched a project for the construction of a 10 class primary school to consolidate and increase school facilities in the area and develop stronger links between the existing education and sports facilities in the area. This project offered an opportunity to reflect and design on an urban scale, and in response proposes a large central avenue off which all facilities (gymnasium, swimming pool, and future kindergarten) are connected to.

To do this, the project provides a covered courtyard to the east, orientated in anticipation towards the future kindergarten. The project offers various degrees of outdoor space: a paved internal courtyard shelters students from prevailing winds, a large grassed area stretches out beyond the complex and a timber covered area lies in between.

A donut form was an appropriate and efficient architectural response to the programme requirements. As a protective crown, it separates the interior and exterior spaces, and offers a range of environments for study as well as play. The volume is simple, legible, with its timber covering reminiscent of the Perigueux’s tobacco warehouses. The form is also functional as a school building: the position and distribution of brightly lit classes, the large continuous circulation, the varying interior and exterior spaces, and a gently sloping ramp providing easily access the first floor.

The building is energy efficient through its use of solar panels, rain water collection systems, locally sourced materials, a green roof, a reinforced concrete structure offering a large thermal mass and an efficient external insulation system.