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Multimedia library


mission new construction – competition
client City of Panazol
project manager CoCo architecture, Atelier RK, INTECH, NOBATEK, VIAM, Beige&Puychaffray
date 2009
footprint 1007m²
price 2,2M€ excl. taxes
location Panazol (87)

The project to build a multimedia library in the township of Panazol is a significant step towards strengthening the cultural policy within the area. The proposed programme offers spaces for reading and working, a story telling room, a multimedia room, a conference and exhibition room and storage for a total of 40000 works and 48 various journals.

The library as a cube balances on the edge of a slope, located in a park surrounded by a series ‘Land Art’ artworks. This simple, imposing form engages in a dialogue with the rest of the site’s artwork, and with the Vienne valley beyond. The origin of the name Panazol, (rock or cliff) is integral part of the project. The library takes advantage of the position offered by its promontory site, opening out to a range of views. According to the level’s use, the windows capture an appropriate view: the park, Limoges, the town hall, a playground etc.

The programme is separated into horizontal bands, each hosting a function. The entrance is at ground level, detached from the underside of the cube. The children’s section occupies the first floor, the adults’ section, the second floor, and the multimedia section is a mezzanine within the adults’ space. The conferences and exhibition area occupies a private space on the top floor, connected to a terrace offering extensive views of the surrounding area.

The sides of the cube are all covered in white ceramic tiles. With the involvement of research centres and laboratories located in Limousin, the project explores the development of this material, which has had little use in the construction field.Easily cleaned, extremely durable, its sealed surface gives the building a natural texture that plays with light. Enveloping the building, the tiles gives the project a formal simplicity but also an element of mystery.