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mission  redevelopment/extension on existing site – competition
client CCI de Versailles Val d’oise/Yvelines
project manager CoCo architecture mandataire, Muoto architecte, OTCE, atelier Roberta, Sigma Acoustique
date 2012
footprint 5300m²
price 8,8M€ excl. taxes
location Pontoise (95)

The department of Commerce and Industry in Versailles Val d’Oise / Yvelines (who manage work-study programmes in the area) have launched a comprehensive brief for the redevelopment and consolidation on a single site the training centres for the ITIN (information and computer sciences) and the ESCIA (accounting) programmes. This combined nucleus requires a renovation of the existing building, constructed in 1974, and an extension of 1000m².

The design is derived from the interaction between business and school. It has a sense of openness, a place which facilitates the connections between the life in a classroom and the outside world. Using this logic, the building allows for clear and accessible meeting spaces as an interface for exchange between the businesses which visit the institution, the apprentices and administration.

The main challenge of this project has been to create a new, expressive and identifiable building, representing an institution at the forefront of technology. We also wanted to propose a sociable and flexible environment, fitting for interaction and the eventual evolution of the various programmes. This was achieved by incorporating a large extension into the existing building. The supplementary spaces create “in-between classes”, which act as breaks between meeting, working and exhibition areas, and allow natural light to diffuse throughout the building.

The other focus of this project has been the design of the facade: the existing edifice has been conserved and restored, while the extension retains the same outline for overall cohesion. A fully glazed double skin covers the facade of both the existing and extension buildings, to create a thermal buffer space, and give an aesthetic unity to the adapted form.