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Gym and dojo space


mission new construction – competition
client Commune of Castres-Gironde
project manager CoCo architecture (agent to client), OTCE, Sigma Acoustique
date 2011
footprint 1550m²
price 1,3M€ excl. taxes
location Castres-Gironde (33)

The town of Castres-Gironde, located at the periphery of Bordeaux, wishes to construct a sports facility for the community. To begin with, this structure will house activities for the gymnastics club and extracurricular activities. Yet is required to have the capacity to be adapted for future activities in the community. The site is within a forest reserve, next to an existing football field. The location is near a school and easily accessible by sustainable transport such as the future cycle path traversing the forest.

In order to assimilate into this forest setting, we proposed a translucent architecture, allowing visitors to enjoy the forest from within the building. The design plays with shadows and light created by the surrounding trees. The structural framework of the gymnasium is made out of timber. Its tree-like structure is reminiscent of the neighbouring forest. When night comes, it is the image of this structure that appears behind the translucent skin of the building. Following the idea that “the cheapest energy is that which we do not consume”, this bioclimatic project uses a large amount of solar input, as much for thermal reasons as for light, thanks to the design of its envelope. The capture and control of this free energy allow the significant reduction of heating and lighting needs.

Three heating zones have been defined: the sports hall, where, as one is active, offers a temperature of 12°, the gymnastics space at 19° and the changing rooms in a box at the heart of the building, heated at 21°. In summer, the constraints are less because the sports centre is in a forest and therefore shaded, and at this period sport is mostly practiced outside. The principal of natural ventilation is used to cool the building.