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Foix de Candalle nursing home


mission reconstruction – competition
client Foix de Candalle nursing home
project manager CoCo architecture (agent to client), LTZ architecture co-traitan, OTCE
date 2013
footprint 2760m²
price 2.8M€ excl. tax
location Montpon-Menesterol (24)

The current Foix de Candalle retirement home presents a jumbled image marked by a diversity of extensions over the years. The overall legibility of the building has been lost due to past alterations. While adding yet another extension, this project looks to reorganise the functionally and aesthetic harmony of the institution. Drawing out the architectural elements present on site, we sought to avoid another piecemeal extension. The project employs painted and glazed bands, venetian blinds and balconies, prominent in the existing building. It reinterprets these elements and proposes a balcony that wraps around the building in its entirety. The existing stone gable is rendered flat, integrating it into the overall image of the project.
The bedrooms of the residents are treated in the same manner for this project as for the many previous extensions. They offer the residents the same quality of use, with individual access to a balcony. Each bedroom is a carefully considered, agreeable place to live. The project strives to be functional for the residents and staff by detailing wider door frames, angled walls in the bathroom and the integration of storage and shelving units in each room.