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Extension to CAF 87 headquarters


mission extension –design + construction phases
client Limoges family services centre
project manager CoCo architecture (agent to client), Ingepole
date 2013
footprint 550m²
price 1,2M€ excl. tax
location Limoges (87)

This proposed extension of the CAF 87 (family services regional headquarters) located on a 6730m² site, west of the city, near a bypass, with easy access to the city centre. The site is situated in very restrictive urban development zone. The volume and placement of the project has therefore been derived from these constraints. The extension is located at the rear of the existing building, sitting on top of part of the current staff parking area.

The proposed structure is as compact as possible to save on floor space and preserve parking places, but also to ensure a building with a strong energy performance. This size allows for optimal energy efficiency, in terms of both the length of service networks and limited unused space. In the same logic, it attaches to the existing building through a vertical circulation space, avoiding an expensive connecting walkway. This vertical circulation offers easy passage between buildings, used by all. These strategies also favour the building’s functionality, notably through the reduced journey made by employees. The maximum distance travelled between the existing building and the furthermost office is 10m.

The dimension of the frames (1.35m by 5.5m) and the depth of the building are optimised for the organisation of the interior spaces and future change. The proportions and repetition of the windows allow a repartitioning of the space if needed, while conserving the qualities of views and natural lighting. The windows generate a steady rhythm from the interior, fostering a calming work environment, with 45% of the facade surface glazed. From outside this regularity of openings is shaken up by the introduction of an embossed double skin which plays with the language of the existing office buildings on site.