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Customs warehouse


mission new construction – competition
client Territorial Council of Saint Pierre and Miquelon
project manager CoCo architecture, SNC lavalin
date 2011
footprint 1040m²
price 2,1M€ excl. tax
location St Pierre et Miquelon (975)

The customs warehouse is situated at the port of Saint Pierre, the main port for the islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

Freight access to the island of Saint Pierre is primarily by boat, via the commercial quay and customs warehouse. This building replaces an existing, outdated and non conforming warehouse.

The project provides a clear separation between spaces accessible to the public (customer reclaim area), the unloading area (unloading and loading), stock areas (refrigeration rooms and a warehouse to hold 150 palettes) and associated offices (veterinary services and customs).

The placement of the building defines various exterior zones on site: the customer entry, a handling area between the boats and warehouse, and two stock areas for shipments to Miquelon and to and from Halifax (Canada). It’s form and organisation have been designed following the concept of forward motion.

The local buildings in the area are simple volumes topped with gabled roofs and personalised through the use of bright colours. The volumes of the warehouse follow this same logic. The simple and functional volumes are covered in colours from the Saint Pierre and Miquelon flag.

All materials for the project have been chosen for programmatic, budgetary and logistical reasons, appropriate for industrial buildings on an island of only 6100 locals. The structure and cladding is be steel, the east and west facades are made from translucent polycarbonate with an insulting double skin and the floor isquartz concrete.