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CAP profession Aquitaine


mission new construction – competition
client Regional Council of Aquitaine
project manager Jean de Giacinto architecte, CoCo architecture, OTCE Aquitaine, L-EAU, ABC Decibel, Anne-Flore Labrunie, Physalis
date 2010
footprint 4400m²
price 9M€ excl. tax
location Pessac (33)

Aquitaine Cap Professional is an association which organises support services, career guidance and provides practical information on various professions within the Aquitaine region. It offers access to local professionals and career opportunities (information, courses and placements) as well as insuring the pooling of resources within these separate industries. The objective is ambitious, and the building which shelters this organisation plays an important role. It should be a tool of communication, a symbol, an information support and a career showroom.

The north end of the site contains old oak and acacia trees. The project is based around a simple, monolithic volume at the centre of the site and a series of satellite structures which connect to it. The design has a minimal footprint on site in favour of preserving the richness of existent vegetation.

The exhibition spaces open up to a landscaped square and future tram line. The auditorium, information centre and projector room are located in the various satellite spaces connecting to a central hall. The offices are organised on two levels, surrounding an atrium bathed in light. The existing vegetation is framed off, protected and held in importance, by a translucent screen painted glass wall, running the length of the square in front of the tram station. This partition allows the publication of news on the public space, acting as a media facade.

The central volume is covered in timber slats, providing sun protection in summer. The satellite spaces are surrounded by a glazed envelop of coloured bands relating to natural aspects of the site. The auditorium, an element apart, is constructed in concrete. The materials chosen reflect local knowledge, precision and a high quality of execution. This sense of expertise is a principal point of the design, displaying the work of various professions and reinforcing the communicative, transparent nature of the building.