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Bouscat car park


mission new construction –competition
client The city of Bordeaux
project manager Jean de Giacinto architecte (agent to client), CoCo architecture, Ginger BEFS, Synacoustique
date 2012
footprint 4900m²
price 2,8M€ excl. tax
location Bordeaux (33)

The city of Bordeaux is looking to promote public transport to its commuters. This 122 place car park helps with this objective. Placed between avenue de la Liberation and avenue du President Robert Schuman, this structure takes the place of an existing exterior car park. The aim of the project is the integration of this amenity into the neighbourhood, considering the varied context within which it is placed: two busy shopping streets, a park at the foreground of a restaurant and collective and individual housing nearby. Located on an empty site within a built-up area, it morphs itself between existing buildings. This structure must protect its neighbours from potential disturbances generated by a car parking building while integrating itself into the existing life of the street and giving a favourable image to this type of amenity.

The project interacts and alters itself depending on a third party. The facade changes materiality in respect to the immediate context. At street level the building is deliberately open, constrained by loosely woven netting, bringing in light and offering views beyond the building. However, the netting closes up, generating a thick, opaque boundary near the neighbouring the next-door restaurant and housing.

Thanks to its changing levels of transparency, the entering daylight provides a safe environment within this facility. A fully functional interior is achieved by a legible and rational layout of circulation and parking zones. A one-way system allows generous 2.4m parking spaces to avoid complex manoeuvres. Vertical interior gardens liven up areas of foot traffic. The project takes advantage of the narrow plot size and the diversity of the surrounds by placing importance on the spatial and functional attributes of this neighbourhood amenity.