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La barak


mission new construction – competition
client the commune of Baraquevillois
project manager CoCo architecture, HEA architectes, IB2M, Terrell, Sigma acoustique, Olivier Crouzel, Jérôme Russery
date 2011
footprint 2300m²
price 3,8M€ excl. tax
location Baraqueville (12)

The aim of this competition, the construction of a socio-cultural building in Baraqueville, is to bring together an animation room, exhibition space and library. Resting on sloped ground, the building must consider the relationship between the upper level of the site, a paved courtyard and bus stop servicing 7 lines, and lower level, a green boulevard and the main entrance to the building.

The composition of the building has been derived from its urban context within the town. The building’s height provides views of the neighbouring countryside and reinforces the visibility of the building, particularly from the N88 which passes close by. The south facade has been shifted to accommodate a wide staircase, which, in continuation with the forecourt, assures a secure path between the two levels.

At ground level, a 200m² exhibition space opens onto a covered forecourt through a fully glazed hall. This level connects the building to the town. The forecourt is treated in conjunction with the library and exhibition space. At the lower level, the 500m² animation room, hosts performances, banquets and events. It sits at the base of the slope, helping to confine any noise. Suspended above the forecourt, the media centre is organised around a light shaft diffusing light from the forecourt rendering the space airy, and mysterious.

The external facades are cladded with stamped zinc tiles, an innovative process developed together with a local company. The hollow parts of the volume (the forecourt and staircase) are painted yellow.