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300 homes

mission ideas competition
client City of Vienna
project manager CoCo architecture (agent to client), SuperWien architecte
date 2011
footprint 16000m²
location Vienna (Austria)

The city of Vienna, Austria, has launched an ideas competition for the redevelopment of the site which currently hosts the Kaiserin (Empress) Elisabeth hospital. The building sits a 30,000m² piece of land located near the city’s western train station. In place of the existing programme, the competition brief requires housing for 300 and a new geriatric hospital. Three buildings on site, the two pavilions and the Bettina building, have heritage value and must be conserved. The basis for reflection for this competition has been a question of programme, and the urban form that would arise. We have treated the two parts of the project as one, placing the building in a ring around the site’s perimeter. The slope of the site is divided into bands, which cut across the ground level. Each band has a different surface coating, with the flat spaces marking the building’s entries. The ground floor hosts the public spaces (the hospital reception, restaurant, cafes, sports centre, hotel and youth hostel, and business incubator). The new building places the hospital to the north and the housing to the south. It is organised around a series of terraces, breaking up the façade. The housing blocks, which represent 16,000m ² of space on site, are placed between the conserved buildings and the new block. The programme is located in between the two pavilions with the novel idea of splitting the Bettina building into two, one side for shared housing for students and the other for the elderly. The new block is organised around a central patio with apartments running across the width of the building. Large terraces on two levels offer the inhabitants a series of shared spaces. The organisation of the apartments is based on the concept of the pixel: an 8m x 8m square from which different typologies can be inserted.