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Community multimedia library – Daegu Gosan


mission new construction – ideas competition
client City Council of Daegu Gosan, Suseong-gu office
project manager CoCo architecture
date 2012
footprint 3200m²
price 5,5M€ excl. tax
location Daegu-Gosan (South Korea)

This project proposes a new multimedia library in the developing neighbourhood of Suseong-Gu, in Daegu-Gosan, South Korea. The architecture of this project challenges the often austere and formal nature of a library. We sought maximum interaction with the inhabitants of the neighbourhood, a building that becomes a place of life and community. The visitors are thrown into a new introspective environment, a calming place, separated from the bustle of the surrounding urban context.

The building exploits the entire parcel, as a thin band wrapping around the boundaries of the site it frees the largest place possible at the heart of the site. This internal space becomes a public space dedicated to the neighbourhood, located in a calm environment away from the noisy boulevards.

The books are staked along the exterior facades. They are integrated into the architecture of the facade; behind glazed walls they convey the function of the building as a silo of books. The books act as filters separating the interior from the annoyances of the road, and naturally turn the attention of users towards to central courtyard.

A series of glazed balconies available for individual or group work, and relaxation animate the internal façade.