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Clavelle-Vendome school group


mission  renovation – competition
client City of Gaillac
project manager CoCo architecture, Pierre Enjalbal architecte, Intech, Jerome Russery, Sigma Acoustique
date 2011
footprint 3550m²
price 3,1M€ excl. taxes
location Gaillac (81)

The project involves the renovation of two currently distinct schools, Clavelle and Vendome, situated side by side near Gaillac’s train station, with an aim to create a new school group of 15 classes. The existing buildings date back 70 years and have obvious insulation, aesthetic and functionality issues.

The basis of the project is to sustainably renovate the buildings to achieve an HQE (High Quality Environment) certificate which in turn will help revive the wider neighbourhood. The entrances are repositioned, and interaction with the neighbourhood is enhanced by the construction of a multipurpose space in between the two schools, for the use of both the school group and local residents. The redevelopment of a school requires a certain level of transparency, not just in terms of thermal efficiency but also in the function and education of the pupils. By integrating fundamental sustainable concepts into lives of the younger generation, these students will see the value of such approaches.

A careful observation of the existing buildings reveals notable qualities of light, organisation and usage, an already effective sun shading system and well conserved structural elements.

The south facade is designed as a continuous double skin in coloured polycarbonate which wraps around the existing facade. It creates a buffer space which warms the air in winter and naturally ventilates the facade in summer. This greenhouse-like space can also be used as a supplementary teaching room. The northern facade is reinsulated and cladded in timber boards. The two new continuous facades unify the appearance of the school group and give it a modern look.