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Pelousiere school group and crèche


mission new construction – competition
client city of  Saint Herblain
project manager CoCo architecture, Jean de Giacinto architecte, Inddigo, Isateg, EcoBat services, Villes et Paysages, Cuisinormes, ITAC
date 2011
footprint 4650m²
price 8,6M€ HT
location Saint Herblain (44)

Saint Herblain is a green city currently in development on the outskirts of Nantes. The relocating families and in particular their 900 children require additional educational facilities. The construction of a crèche for 40, a kindergarten for 150 and primary school for 220 students is just one school group required to meet the needs of this new community.

The placement of this project within the wider development is based around the unifying and semi-public park that runs through the area. Rather than have the park the result of leftover, non-built-on space, we propose a school determined by the organisation and layout of the park. The park remains a area in its own right, living, independent to the school, yet by its direct proximity is a teaching supplement and easily accessed. The project offers up a maximum amount of space possible to the park by pushing the school group and car park to the site’s boundaries.

The parking is at the north of the site, the school to the south, while the crèche and sports field are within the park. The crèche as a part of the park is composed of volumes of vegetation. The school group opens to the city along one side and to the park on the other. It is separated into 3 distinct zones : the kindergarten on one end, primary school on the other and the canteen and after school care between the two.

Two courtyards create a break between the different zones of the school group. They open onto the park and offer views to the main street through a wire fence.