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CoCo architecture to conquer the east

From September 2014, CoCo architecture creates a new office in heart of the Drome valley, between Lyon and Marseille. Loyal to their origins, the new offices are located in an idyllic environment, at the foot of the Vercors mountain range surrounded by the clear water of the Drome and wide stretching lavender fields. Clairette de Die sparkling wine, Picodon cheese and locally made ravioli are the regional specialities which undeniably rival ours in Perigord.

Emmanuelle Pichon and Jean-Baptiste Barbet are implementing this project, managing the Eurre office in partnership with CoCo architecture’s Claudia Staubmann and Cedric Ramiere. The studio is situated in the ecology centre of the Val de Drome. CoCo architecture’s ideals, environmental values, regional based development, contemporary design, quality of life and community spirit will continue to thrive in this setting.

Accessible by TGV and motorway, with a strong creative and technical base, this new studio will be an opportunity to continue the grand history of CoCo architecture in a new territory, providing new creative adventures, as well as varied clients and partners.